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2020 – a year of big change - the most important trends companies are facing

Virtualization of classic business

Instead of building and providing physical services, companies are increasingly focusing on providing the applied knowledge.

3-D printing is just about to start a revolution.

Don't be afraid of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

AI has worked its way into our everyday work. We expect substantial increases in productivity from learning systems. Anyone who jumps up the train is still up participating, but has definitely no forerunner anymore.

Ensure IT security

All companies in my business network report cybercrime attacks at their customers. The attacks, including those against SME´s, are becoming more targeted and more complex to ward off.

React to changing working methods

Those born after 1980 want to work differently. They were the first to grow up in a world of digitalization, with completely new technologies of communication and exchange. The flexibility in the job becomes the new norm.

Modern personnel management

Young talented employees with special requirements are key factors for success. At the same time, the experience of the elderly is invaluable. Today, an entrepreneur has to lead up to four different generations at the same time, who communicate differently and have completely different ideas.

Marketing is online and mobile

Marketing is exploding in the digital world. Especially in the B2C area, the cell phone is the almost sole communication device. B2B is much more traditional.

Commercial know-how is becoming increasingly important

Errors in the commercial area are no longer forgiven and I recommend to secure external know-how or to buy commercial knowledge in good time.

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