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Mistakes are part of it

"Don't make a mistake!" This is the motto in Germany and Austria, which is already drummed into every kindergarten student. Mistakes are bad, they are marked in red, denounced and taken personally.

"Mistakes are an opportunity!" It should mean instead. Because every mistake is an opportunity to learn something and to improve. Anyone who thinks and acts actively and entrepreneurial does not shy away from making mistakes, because they are testimony to energy and liveliness.

We have to see diversity as an opportunity.

If you only look at the result, you would like to believe that success stories point straight up. However, exactly the opposite is the case: Many small, positively managed failures can in the end stand for a great success. True to the motto: "Fail better next time!"

How can this be anchored culturally? With a positive feedback culture and sufficient freedom to make mistakes and emerge stronger from them.

That makes you resilient and crisis-proof.

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