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Taboo Zone Emotion

There is still a strong opinion in business that companies should operate on a purely factual level. There is no place for emotions there. But it shouldn't be like that. Because: What do employees in a company associate with joy? With motivation? These are always situations that also touched you emotionally. And that's why I think it's essential not only to allow emotions, but also to encourage them. If managers can pick up employees emotionally, they are on board.

I think people are still more productive when their emotional potential is well nurtured. If companies manage to inspire their employees emotionally, they are much more creative, significantly more efficient and can bind both their employees and their customers much more strongly. Wherever our values ​​coincide, where we are listened to and where we feel appreciation, that is where we stay. Why do I always go to the same hairdresser? Because I feel good there. I can't even describe it in words. Maybe there are cheaper ones. Maybe there are better ones. I dont know. I do not care at all. I go there because I feel good. That's it. And real well-being only works on an emotional level.

In order to be able to inspire people emotionally, you have to take them a little bit out of their comfort zone. It takes trust and a safe environment that allows employees to be different and to try something new. You have to build this protection first. And role models are needed. Managers have to show themselves that they are emotionally and passionately involved. This relationship building takes time - which is well invested. The big “economic tankers” in particular often look with jealousy at energetic startups, where people put a lot of things together and act in an agile manner. And why does it work? Because startups do a lot of things right at the relationship level and have internalized the values ​​that are necessary for this.

When we learn something emotionally, it stays internalized. It has even been evaluated that after one year we can still remember more than 90 percent of what we have learned emotionally.

If we manage emotions, not everything will be fine, but a lot will get better

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