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The Location of the future

What motivates people to live and work where they are? What motivates companies to locate in one place, in a community, in a region or in a country? Which factors make such decisions easier or more difficult?

Constantly increasing speeds and capacities of transport systems as well as means of communication and global networking mean that not only companies, but also locations and regions are increasingly entering into international competition. How does a region or location help people and companies to be successful and sustainably attractive to companies in this global competition? What makes a business location attractive?

We will live in a digitized, networked and open knowledge society with a high degree of mobility and environmental protection as well as sustainable resource and energy efficiency. We will live an urban and healthy lifestyle. Our economic basis will be highly automated, industrial production processes.

Well said. But how do you develop such a location? What factors do we have to rely on? Where is the focus and how do you stay economically “top” and attractive? A huge challenge!

The location of the future must have resilience *. Resilient systems have two properties: they are robust, i.e. “tough”, and at the same time able to adapt where necessary. This is the only way to deal with unforeseen crises, to develop creative innovations for the challenges of the future and to remain permanently attractive for companies and the general public.

(* Ability to deal with disruptions / crises / radical changes)

How is a location resilient? To do this, it must above all be able to rely on his creativity and ability to innovate. Only those who have these skills can assert themselves sustainably.

Two example regions for this - my home Upper Austria and my business “Home Base” North Rhine Westphalia.

More information on innovation promotion, investor service, networking and specialists / talents availability in these regions and

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